Peter Read
(Καθηγητής Νεότερης Γαλλικής Λογοτεχνίας και Εικαστικών Τεχνών, Πανεπιστήμιο του Kent, Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο)

barely more empty
Μετάφραση στα αγγλικά της ποιητικής συλλογής ελάχιστα περισσότερο άδειο, έργο του Ανδρέα Γεωργαλλίδη

[Ανδρέας Γεωργαλλίδης, ελάχιστα περισσότερο άδειο, (μτφρ.: Άγγελος Ευαγγέλου), Αθήνα, εκδ. Ίαμβος 2018 | Οπισθογράφηση – Endorsment | Πρώτη δημοσίευση: Πρώτη έκδοση του βιβλίου (2018)]

This collection of the tentative interrogations, flickering intuitions and flashes of perception subtly intimates the shifting, transient nature of our environment and identities, where whiteness and silence suggest inchoate spirituality or allow a tenuous philosophy to fade into view. Deft turns of phrase strengthen witty observations on the intrusive weight of proliferating things, but they also engender the vivid appearance of mismatched words, colours and enigmatic objects. Among them appear ironically nostalgic shots of an earnestly intellectual Left-Bank student, back in the days when Brentano and Husserl perhaps offered comfort and you could look up to a muscular thinker, cast in bronze and raised on a pedestal. The appetite for truth still lingers, however. These brief inscriptions have survived the here and now, preserving uncertainty, waiting to be deciphered by a future philologist.

Peter Read
Professor of Modern French Literature and Visual Arts
University of Kent, UK

Κατεβάστε – Barely more empty [P. Read] 2018