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The complete English version of the website
is under development

The complete English version of the website
is under development.

Prodromos K. Antzoulis holds a BA in Global Business Management and Design from the Regent’s University in London . He is an accomplished  photographer and creative director who spent most of his childhood and adult life in Pakistan and Dubai . With an aesthetic firmly rooted in the Midle East, he captures the on-ground lifestyle and consumer culture while attempting to narrate his journey, mapping reference points which allow him to decipher his cross-culture identity. His work reflects an honest and unedited series of moments revealing the eccentricities and particularities of places and people. By nurturing a sense of comfort and familiarity, he seeks to capture the veiled rawness that lies within his subject’s frame and is committed to embody the sense of nostalgia with which he navigates reality.

He has been shooting exclusively on analogue, turning his passion for photography into a profession after he was commissioned to shoot the final collection of an Omani Central Saint Martins graduate in 2006. With a portfolio that spans the region, he has worked with brands such as Cucci, Saint Laurent, Red Valentino, Okhtein and Amina Muassi. Most recently, he shot GQ Middle East covers, including Latin pop star Maluma, Mustafa the poet as well as the “Self Isolation” issue chronicling tales that documented interactions between himself and eight arab talents scattered across th globe, shot over Zoom during quarantine. He has also shot covers for Elle Arabia, Jamaluki and Emirates Woman.

His work has been featured in Vogue Italia, GQ, Schon! and Oyster Magazine, as well as regional publications such as Vogue Arabia, CNN Arabic, Middle World, GQ Middle East and Emirates Woman.

Prodromos is a member of the Board of Antzoulis Foundation.

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