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The complete English version of the website
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The complete English version of the website
is under development.

Andreas P. Antzoulis is a graduate of the University of Cyprus (BA of Educational Sciences 1996, BA of Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology 2002), from which he obtained his master’s degree (MA of Modern Greek Philology 2005), and Doctor of Modern Greek Literature (University of Athens, 2015). He has worked in Primary and Secondary Education and at the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute. Since 2016, he has been serving as a Scientific Associate in the Pedagogical Training Program for Philologists, which is taking place by the University of Cyprus, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth.

He has edited and presented numerous monographs, translations of philosophical texts and poetry collections. His articles and reviews have been published in scientific journals in Cyprus and abroad. His book entitled “Dionysios Solomos. Concept, conception and representation of the Sublime in the work of maturity. A new reading of the manuscript codes with the translations of Nikolaos Lountzis for Solomos, Athens, published by Iambos Publications-Antzoulis Foundation 2021″, has received positive reviews from both academic and reputable critics, as well as from the Museum of Solomos and Eminent People of Zakynthos, which allowed, with the relevant permission, the systematic study of the surviving codes of Zakynthos. The following year, they will be published, in Athens, his books “Essays on Dionysios Solomos. Critical – Interpretive” and” The poetic function of  scholar words in the work of Karyotakis. Effects on style and rhythm “.

His research interest focuses on the study of the aesthetic philosophy of German Idealism, on the reception of the aesthetic ideology of Romanticism and its representation in the poetry of Dionysios Solomos and on the work of other leading poets of European Romanticism, on post-romanticism and post-symbolism and in the poetic work of K.G. Karyotakis. Since 2015, with the relevant permission of the Museum of Solomos and Eminent People of Zakynthos and the National Library of Greece, he has been systematically studying the manuscript codes of Nikolaos Lountzis, in order to highlight the substantial and very specific relationship of these manuscripts with these Manuscripts of Dionysios Solomos and, in particular, of German philosophy with the poetic work of Dionysios Solomos.

Andreas P. Antzoulis is a founding member, Member of the Board of Directors and Secretary of the “Antzoulis Foundation”, which has been established as a non-profit Culture Foundation, with the main purpose of promoting and developing Letters and Arts, through cultural activities, collaborations and its own publications in Cyprus and abroad.

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