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The complete English version of the website
is under development

The complete English version of the website
is under development.

Andreas K. Antzoulis holds an LLB and LLM in Law from the UK. He spent most of his adult life in Pakistan , the UK and the UAE .

He started his career in Dubai as a Deputy Legal Advisor in a large construction group dealing with construction disputes and arbitration. In 2011 he relocated to Cyprus where he completed his compulsory  three-month military service and then worked as a Legal Consultant with Deloitte Investment Services in the compliance department.

In 2013 he resigned from his position with the DIS  to oversee various family investments in the real estate , well-being and consultancy sectors. His passion for self-development led him to improve his skills in the management of human resources , business management , financial analysis and wealth management. He is currently pursuing a CFA qualification.

In 2018 he co-founded the family consultancy firm A&K Antzoulis and Associates Ltd where he holds the position of Vice President . His area of expertise covers the investment analysis , business development, legal due-diligence and marketing . His parallel interests in the last ten years focus in the field of Psychology and Self-development.

Andreas holds the position of the Vice President of the Antzoulis Foundation .  

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