The Antzoulis Foundation was founded in November 2020, as the result of the vision of the Cypriot businessman Kyriakos Prodromou Antzoulis. The Founder and President having relocated back to Cyprus after thirty-two years of a successful activity abroad, realized his dream to expand his charitable contribution and activity in fields related to the Letters and Arts by establishing this non-profit Cultural Foundation, under the name “ANTZOULIS FOUNDATION”, strictly in accordance with the relevant legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.

Already in its second year of operation, the Antzoulis Foundation seeks to implement, with stable and properly prioritized actions, key priorities, as reflected in its aims and objectives and which relate, in general, to the promotion and development of Culture, of Letters and Arts and, consequently, in the support and promotion of actions related to the fields of Philosophy, Language, Literature, History, Ancient Greek Literature, Latin Literature, Archeology, Theater, Visual Arts , Photography, Cinema and other contemporary art forms.

Based on its first five-year plan for the period 2021-2026, at the end of which the aims and objectives of the Foundation will be fully implemented, the Anzoulis Foundation inaugurates, first of all, a special presence in the field of publications. through open collaborations with publishing houses in Greece and abroad. With the financial support, and the active involvement of the Foundation, the first two publications are released within 2021, by reputable publishing houses, in Greece and Spain.

In addition to the scientific publishing production, the extroversion of the Foundation and its intention to play an active role in the national, European and international cultural contexts, is sealed with the forthcoming signing of Memoranda of Understanding with Museums, Universities, Institutions and cultural institutions abroad, research, providing scholarships and financial and academic support to undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and renowned scientists working in Cyprus, Greece and other foreign countries, with translations of works and supporting and enhancing the mobility of writers, artists, and scholars, by organizing workshops, conferences, educational and training lectures, exhibitions and a variety of other cultural and cultural activities.


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(+357) 24 651 222

Αρχιεπισκόπου Μακαρίου Γ΄ 27Β, 6017 Λάρνακα, ΚΥΠΡΟΣ

Antzoulis Foundation is a Legal Entity of Private Law governed by the provisions of the “Associations and Foundations and other Related Matters Law of 2017 L. 104(I)/2017 and L.76(I)/2018”, of the Republic of Cyprus, as in force from time to time. 

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